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ALCO Inc. provides engineering design, analysis and incident investigation services to various industries. Specialties include Rig Equipment, piping systems and structural design. Currently over ten (10) technical staff, including engineers and technologists, with many years of broad-based industry experience. All engineering work is performed to guidelines as set for by APEGA and under ’Permit to Practice’ P10702 and appropriate API specification.

Design and Analysis

  • All Rig Equipment is designed to appropriate API specification.
  • Mechanical and structural designs using 2-D and 3-D modeling software
  • Stress analysis using Finite Element Analysis Software
  • Prototype manufacturing and testing
  • Drawings and technical documentation review

Equipment Certification

  • Any equipment or system, whether or not manufactured or repaired by Alco Inc., can be certified for operational usage
  • Equipment certification by Professional Engineer provided at customer request

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