ALCO Was Founded

ALCO Inc. an Alberta Corporation was originally founded with the vision to deliver exceptional service and quality product with the right answer for businesses in a timely manner. ALCO spent this initial year primarily servicing and manufacturing components for the forestry industry and saw mills from its machine shop on Calgary Trail in Edmonton, Alberta. That original Calgary Trail location is now the head office of all ALCO’s companies today. Helping hold strong ALCO’s core values of providing the right answer for your business needs and even after ALCO’s vast expansion and global market servicing you will still receive that exceptional service and product today at any ALCO location.

Health, Safety and Environment

ALCO recognizes that conscious and diligent attention to health, safety, and the environment is in everybody’s best interests. For this reason ALCO has developed a strong commitment to ensuring that everyone and everything associated to the business in which ALCO is engaged is considered in ALCO’s health, safety, and environmental program.

ALCO’s goal regarding health, safety, and the environment is zero incidents. In order to achieve this goal, ALCO’s strategy is to engrain the concept of continuous improvement in the corporate culture throughout ALCO. In an effort to achieve ALCO’s goals of having zero incidents, ALCO has worked closely with Alberta’s provincial bodies such as OHS and WCB.

These efforts have resulted in a favorable rating with WCB as well as a Certificate of Recognition (COR) issued through the Government of Alberta’s Partnership in Injury Reduction (PIR) Program.

ALCO’s comprehensive safety program covers all aspects of the work ALCO does in its Edmonton Fabrication and Manufacturing facilities as well as what we do for client on their work sites. Although ALCO has standards of safety that apply to all field work, ALCO fully recognizes and is very proactive in ensuring that client requirements for on-site work receive priority.

Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

Committed to Progressive Aboriginal Relations

ALCO is pleased to announce its commitment to the Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program.

Established in 2001 by the CCAB (Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business), the PAR program includes an online management and reporting tool that supports participating companies’ efforts towards progressive improvement in aboriginal relations, and a certification program that confirms corporate performance in Aboriginal relations at the bronze, silver or gold level.

The PAR Program provides a high level of assurance through the independent, third-party verification of company reports on measurable outcomes and initiatives in four performance areas: Leadership Actions, Employment, Business Development, and Community Relations (Engagement and Support).

Rod Friesen – Executive VP of ALCO LP shares that “Our company wants to be committed to developing close indigenous relations in our business practices and hiring processes. We are so pleased to have begun this program, and view it as our own step towards reconciliation from the Calls to Action (CA #92) Issued by the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation. There are many benefits to utilizing the PAR Program within our hiring and business development practices that we believe will set us apart and provide us with a business advantage.”

Our Certifications

Alco Industrial Constructors is a proud member of the following associations.