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Reciprocating compressors offer a high degree of versatility accommodating a varying degree of compression ratios and operating pressures by offering the flexibility of multistage designs and configurations.  Alco has significant experience in establishing the most efficient and economical sizing solution for your needs. These units require special attention to careful design in mitigating vibration tendencies due to its inherent nature as a horizontally opposed rotating unit that results in a complex degree of unbalanced forces associated with your specific gas conditions.  Leave it to Alco’s team to deliver a competent and dependable reciprocating package design.

Alco’s deep global industry experience in fabrication of natural gas process systems and packages makes us a dependable source for compression solutions ranging from small standard units to larger sophisticated packages dealing with highly complex gas mediums and stringent specifications.  

Package size:            Up to 5,000 HP (~3,730 kW)

Discharge Pressure range:    Typical Up to 2,000 psig (~13,800 kPag)       

Service:                Sweet/Sour/Acid Gas

Compressor Options:        Ariel / GE – others

Driver Options:            Natural Gas Engine Drive: Caterpillar / Waukesha   

                Electric Motor Drive