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Alco has a long standing history in the engineering, design and fabrication of propane refrigeration screw compressor packages for a wide range of sizes incorporated into its hydrocarbon dew point propane refrigeration plant designs.  

Alco’s deep global industry experience in fabrication of natural gas process systems and packages makes us a dependable source for compression solutions ranging from small standard units to larger sophisticated packages dealing with highly complex gas mediums and stringent specifications.  

Package size:                           Up to 3,000 HP (~2,310 kW)

Discharge Pressure range:  Typical up to 400 psig (~2,750 kPag) – higher pressures available

Service:                                    Sweet/Sour/Associated and Solution Gas

Compressor Options:           Howden, Mycom, Sullair – others

Driver Options:                     Natural Gas Engine Drive: Caterpillar / Waukesha   

                                                  Electric Motor Drive