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Each project is different, and every problem requires a unique solution. ALCO Field Service can find a solution to meet your needs by using our multiple full-service machine and fabrication facilities as well as our in-house engineering resources.

ALCO can execute a wide range of project sizes and complexities. Whether you are looking for a partner that can execute your emergency quick fix to get you up and going again, or looking for a partner to help you execute that complex turnaround you are planning, we can do that!

Field Welding Capabilities

  • ABSA certified for Power Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Piping, Heating Coils and Fittings
  • CWB certified to CSA W47.1 for manufacture and repair of structural steel
  • Projects, turnarounds and maintenance

Field Machining Capabilities

  • Portable Milling
  • Portable Line boring
  • Portable shaft machining
  • Flange facing
  • Projects, turnarounds and maintenance

Field Millwrighting Capabilities

  • Laser alignment
  • Base grouting
  • Shutdown maintenance
  • Projects, turnarounds and maintenance