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ALCO supplied Gearmotors represents the first time a brushless servo motor and a helical planetary gearhead have been integrated into a single product. Previously, engineers needing a gear drive with servo motor were forced to purchase the gearhead and motor separately. ALCO’s suppler Parker Bayside, manufactures precision gearheads and brushless motors under one roof. This provides us with the unique ability to supply a precision integrated gearmotor.

ALCO supplied Stealth® Gearmotors combine both mechanical and electronic parts into a compact, powerful package. The motor magnets are attached directly to the input gearshaft, eliminating the extra couplings, shafts and bearings required when the two components are separate. Eliminating these extra parts means that Stealth Gearmotors are more reliable, have higher performance and cost less than traditional motor/gearhead assemblies.

ALCO supplies these high performance planetary servo gearheads with less than 3 arc-sec backlash in wide range of sizes and motor interfaces.

ALCO supplied Gearmotor/Gearheads provide higher radial load, increased service life
and ease of mounting. For more information and availability of products please contact your local ALCO representative at the contact link listed at the bottom of the page.

Types of ALCO Supplied Gearmotors & Gearheads

  • Gearmotor (GM)
  • Gen II Stealth Gearhead “In-Line” PS
  • Gen II Stealth Gearhead “In-Line” PX
  • Gen II Stealth Gearhead “Right Angle” RS
  • Gen II Stealth Gearhead “Right Angle” RX
  • Stealth Gearhead “Right Angle” MultiDrive
  • Spur Gearhead “Inline (NE) and Right Angle (NR)” NEMA
  • PV Series “In-Line Power and Versatilit

For more information or to purchase available products and/or services please contact your ALCO representative at the link provided on this page