750 SD Drawworks

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ALCO manufactures 750 SD Drawworksto meet the demand of the Drilling/Service Rig’s hoisting needs. The modern design of the 750 SD Drawworks consists of five main parts: the drum, the motor(s), the gearbox, the brake, and the optional auxiliary brake. The motors can be AC or DC-motors, or ALCO’s Drawworks may be connected directly to diesel engines. The number of gears could be one, two or three speed combinations. The main brake, usually operated manually by a long handle, may be friction band brake, a disc brake or a modified clutch. It serves as a parking brake when no motion is desired. The auxiliary brake is connected to the drum, and absorbs the energy released as heavy loads are lowered. The 750 SD Drawworks is a lightweight yet durable Drawworks with a number of options that can meet your unique hoisting needs.

Types of ALCO Manufactured 750 SD Drawworks

ALCO supplies a large variety of options to have fitted on you Drawworks. From Lebus grooving, Auxiliary Brake options, Crown Savers, Gear Box options, Engine options and customized skid design ALCO can custom manufacture the perfect Drawworks for your Service Rigging needs.

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Maximum Input Horse Power Rating: 750 HP / 559 kW

Recommended Wireline Size: 1-1/8”

Maximum Single Line Pull Capacity: 65,000 lbs. / 28 900 daN

Main Drum:

Dia. x Width(Without grooving): 18” x 39”

Brake Rim Dia. x Width: 42” x 8”

Brake Contact Area: 1670 in2

Brake Cooling Type: Water + Ethylene Glycol

Brake Blocks: 8” x 12” x 1-1/8”

Clutch: PO324

Chain: 1-3/4” Triple

Standard Equipment:

Right Angle Drive Gear Box

Central Greasing System

Optional Equipment:

Auxiliary brake: Eaton 134WCBD/236WCBD

Air Supply Required:

100-130 psi(Max. 150 psi)

Dimensions / Miscellaneous

Length: 115”

Width: 117-1/2”

Height: 55”

Weight: 23,000 lbs including gearbox