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Range: 1 5/16" to 7"
Max Standard Torque: 6,000 Ft-Lbs at 2000 psi
Max Hi-Torque: 8,000 Ft-Lbs at 2000 psi

  • Size Range: 1-5/16" – 7"
  • Speed – Allows joint make-up in as little as 5 seconds and break-out
    in 7 seconds
  • Split Guide Ring – Provides easier and safer access to jaws and final
    drive gear components
  • Pressurized Oil Bath – Insures uniform lubrication of moving parts
  • Available with air or hydraulic assist for Back-Up Tool
  • Adjustable Clutch – Extends the life of transmission
  • “Power Shift” Transmission - Enables operator to change
    gears during tong operation
  • Improved Drive Alignment - Minimizes
    wasted power and provides quieter
    running with less friction

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