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ALCO offers, supplies and stocks two models of Baash-Ross Style DU Series Rotary Slip: DU and DUL.  ALCO Baash-Ross Style DU Series Rotary Slips are essential tools for gripping and holding the upper portion of the drill string on the drill floor. The outside of the slips are tapered to accommodate a similar taper in the drill floor and replaceable metal dies are used to hold pipe from dropping down the hole.  ALCO Baash-Ross Style DU Series Rotary Slips come heat treated for strength and wear resistance, the slip features large handling range, light weight and large contact area on the taper.

Types of ALCO Supplied Rotary Slips

ALCO supplies a large variety of Rotary Slips options to meet your individual needs. Contact our expert sales staff for pricing, availability and product specifications for the Rotary Slips right for your application at the link provided on this page.