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ALCO offers, supplies and stocks a comprehensive line of Dies for tubular gripping, piping connection make-up and break-out occlusions with one of the most complete offerings in the industry. Our supplied Dies are available in many different styles and are made with superior quality raw material with high demand in the marketplace. With easy installation, non-corrosive and a quality manufactured product our expert sales staff will be able to find the right die for your application.

Types of ALCO Supplied Dies

ALCO supplies a large variety of Dies & Inserts to meet your individual needs. We specialize but are not limited to the following:

  • Dies for the ALCO Smart Roughneck System
  • Tong Dies
  • Inserts for Slips
  • Inserts for Elevators
  • Inserts for Power Slips
  • Inserts for Drill Collars
  • Inserts for Casing Slips
  • Bowl & Slip Inserts
  • Safety Clamp Inserts


  • Grit Face Dies
  • Standard Tooth Tong Dies
  • Standard Tooth (Reducer) Tong Dies
  • Diamond Tooth Dies
  • Grit Face Inserts
  • Standard Tooth Inserts
  • Beveled (Reducer) Inserts
  • Beveled Standard Tooth Inserts
  • Beveled Grit Face Inserts
  • Beveled Grit Tooth Inserts
  • Bi-Directional Beveled Inserts
  • Circular Button Inserts
  • Circular Button (Reducer) Inserts
  • Fine Tooth Reducer Inserts
  • DU Standard Tooth Inserts
  • DU Grit Face Inserts
  • DU Full Face Inserts
  • DU Full Face Inserts
  • DU Full Face Reducer Inserts
  • Dual Tool Inserts

Contact our expert sales staff for pricing, availability and product specifications for the Dies right for your application.