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ALCO can design and build the following separators either as individual vessels, complete packages or incorporated into other process equipment modules:

  • Vertical 2 phase or 3 phase separators.
  • Horizontal 2 phase or 3 phase separators.
  • Slug catchers.
  • Filter separators.

Depending on the removal efficiency required we offer a variety of internals or combination of internals to meet the vapor or liquid product specifications such as:

  • Various wire mesh mist eliminator styles.
  • Vane packs.
  • Cyclonic internals.
  • Liquid coalescing sections.
  • High efficiency coalescing filter elements.
  • Adjustable weirs.
  • De-sand systems.

Separator sizes range from 12” (305 mm) diameter to a size / weight that is limited only by your transportation restrictions.

Modular construction:

Separators can be provided as a complete package including:

  • Your instrumentation and valving requirements.
  • Individual Customer General Specifications.
  • Sales gas and liquid metering.
  • Single skid construction or multiple skids depending on your transportation limitations.
  • Building either installed at our facility or field erected.
  • Electrical work shop installed at ALCO.
  • Preparation for transit to international locations on either ’break bulk’ or ‘containerized’ (sizes permitting) basis.