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ALCO can design and build various styles of heaters either as individual heaters, complete packages or incorporated into other process equipment modules:

  • Indirect fired line heaters with single or multi-pass removable coils.
  • Indirect fired choke heaters with or without separators.
  • Salt bath heaters.
  • Direct or indirectly fired heat medium heaters.

Heaters can be designed using a variety of heat transfer mediums such as water/ethylene glycol, triethylene glycol and various heat transfer oils.

Depending on your requirements we offer a variety of options including:

  • Natural draft or forced draft style fired burners.
  • Firetube expansion joints to allow for excessive thermal forces.
  • Special materials for firetubes in severe service.
  • Turbulators to increase efficiency.
  • Heaters built incorporating multiple firetubes.

ALCO designs custom units to meet a variety of operating conditions and as an example can incorporate the following depending on the Customer’s needs:

  • Heaters using either a directly fired firetube, heat medium or an electric immersion heater.

Modular construction:

Heaters can be provided as a complete package including:

  • Your instrumentation and valving requirements.
  • Individual Customer General Specifications.
  • Sales gas metering.
  • Building either installed at our facility or field erected.
  • Electrical work shop installed at ALCO.
  • Preparation for transit to international locations on either ’break bulk’ or ‘containerized’ (sizes permitting) basis.