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Glycol dehydrators are used in the natural gas industry to remove water from natural gas to prevent the formation of hydrates, corrosion and maximize pipeline efficiency.

ALCO has been designing and building glycol dehydrators for over 40 years and have built well over 2000 units. These units range in size from 1.0 mmscfd (28.3 103m3/d) to over 120 mmscfd (3,398 103m3/d). Alco can provide a custom designed unit or for a quick delivery we have a stock program for the more common 16” (406 mm) to 36” (914 mm) glycol contactor sizes. They have been installed all over the world from the Arctic Circle to the Tropics and from an offshore to a desert environment.

ALCO designs custom units to meet a variety of operating conditions and as an example can incorporate the following depending on the Customer’s needs:

  • High efficiency inlet lube oil separators to remove lube oil carryover from upstream compression.
  • Glycol contactors with bubble cap trays or structured packing.
  • Glycol contactors with high efficiency mist eliminators to reduce glycol losses.
  • Integral 2 or 3 phase scrubbers under the glycol contactor.
  • Condensate conditioning equipment if you are re-injecting the condensate from the integral scrubber.
  • Glycol regenerator using either a directly fired firetube, heat medium or an electric immersion heater.
  • Electric or gas driven glycol pumps.
  • Full stainless steel units to dehydrate acid gas streams.
  • Systems to mitigate still column emissions.

Modular construction:

Glycol dehydrators can be packaged to your requirements including:

  • Your instrumentation and valving requirements.
  • Individual Customer General Specifications.
  • Sales gas and liquid metering.
  • Either a single skid construction or multiple skids depending on your transportation limitations.
  • Building either installed at our facility or field erected.
  • Electrical work shop installed at ALCO.
  • Preparation for transit to international locations on either ’break bulk’ or ‘containerized’ (sizes permitting) basis.