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Molecular sieve dehydrators are typically used in the natural gas industry to achieve a very low water dewpoint of -150°F or less or 0.02 ppmv prior to cryogenic processes located downstream.

Alco also has experience in molecular sieves for water removal as well as mercaptan removal from liquid hydrocarbons.

ALCO designs custom units to meet a variety of operating conditions and as an example can incorporate the following depending on the Customer’s needs:

  • High efficiency inlet filter coalescers to ensure long, trouble free bed life.
  • 2, 3 or 4 tower units in a closed loop or open loop configuration depending on dewpoint required.
  • High efficiency dry gas dust filters to protect downstream equipment from desiccant fines.
  • Regeneration gas heaters using either a direct fired salt bath heater, heat medium heater or an electric immersion heater.
  • Regeneration gas heat exchangers to conserve regeneration gas heater duty.
  • Often a mercury guard bed is added prior to cryogenic facilities.

Modular construction:

Molecular sieve dehydrators can be packaged to your requirements including:

  • Your instrumentation and valving requirements.
  • Individual Customer General Specifications.
  • Sales gas metering.
  • Single skid construction or multiple skids depending on your transportation limitations.
  • Building either installed at our facility or field erected.
  • Pre-wiring installed at ALCO Facility.
  • Preparation for transit to international locations on either ’break bulk’ or ‘containerized’ (sizes permitting) basis.