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Radial Piston Motors

The exceptional performance of the ALCO supplied Radial Piston Motor is the result of an innovative and patented design from our supplier. The concept is to transmit the force from the stator to the rotating shaft by means of a pressurized column of oil instead of the more customary connecting pistons, rods, pins, and pads.

This oil column is contained by a telescopic cylinder with a mechanical connection at the lips at each end which seal against the spherical surfaces of the cylinder-heads and the spherical surface of the rotating shaft. These lips retain their circular cross section when stressed by the pressure so there is no alteration in the sealing geometry. The particular election of materials and optimisation of design has minimized both the friction and the leakage. Another advantage of this design stems from the elimination of any connecting rods, the cylinder can only expand and retract linearly so there are no transverse components of the thrust. This means no oval wear on the moving parts and no side forces on the cylinder joints. A consequence of this novel design is a significant reduction in weight and overall size compared with other motors of the same capacity

Added Benefits include:

  • Torque output is smooth even at very low speed
  • High performance starting under load
  • No connecting rods means less wear on moving parts

Types of ALCO Supplied Radial Piston Motor

  • MR Type Radial Piston Motor
  • MRE Type Radial Piston Motor
  • MRT Type Radial Piston Motor
  • MRTE Type Radial Piston Motor
  • MRTF Type Radial Piston Motor
  • MRD Type Radial Piston Motor
  • MRDE Type Radial Piston Motor
  • MRV Type Radial Piston Motor
  • MRVE Type Radial Piston Motor

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