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An ALCO traveling block is the freely moving section of a block and tackle that contains a set of pulleys or sheaves through which the drill line (wire rope) is threaded or reeved and is opposite (and under) the crown block (the stationary section).

The combination of the traveling block, crown block and wire rope drill line gives the ability to lift weights in the hundreds of thousands of pounds. On larger drilling rigs, when raising and lowering the derrick, line tensions over a million pounds are not unusual.

ALCO offers, supplies and stocks a variety of highly engineered Becket-Style Travelling Blocks with custom beckets to mate with many top drive models. We provide access to a comprehensive portfolio of various types of North American ALCO Manufactured Travelling Blocks to meet each customer’s specific requirements from standard to highly tailor made solutions.

Types of ALCO Supplied Travelling Blocks

ALCO supplies a large variety of Travelling Blocks to meet your individual needs. We specialize but are not limited to the following:

  • Multiple Sheave Unites
  • Customer Engineered Designs
  • North American Manufactured Options
  • API Spec 8C Licensed Sheaves and Q1 In House Manufacturing

Contact our expert sales staff for pricing, availability and product specifications for the Travelling Block right for your application at the link provided on this page

Features / Benefits

  • Design
    • All products designed, manufactured and certified for low temperature applications
    • Heavy-duty wireline guards
    • Secondary retention on all primary-load-path hardware components
    • Available with up to seven (7) sheaves
    • Supplied with 25ton – 35ton top attachment point for hanging blocks during slip-and-cut procedures
  • Side Plates
    • A514 steel side-plates allow for smaller overall dimensions with higher load-ratings
  • ALCO Sheaves
    • Forged one-piece sheaves with flame-hardened wireline grooves
    • Extra-heavy groove area to allow multiple re-cuts


  • ALCO Travelling Blocks are designed, manufactured and certified to API Spec 8C PSL 1 SR2 (-40°)
  • ALCO Travelling Blocks are available in load-ratings from 50-ton (44,480daN) up to 500-ton (444,800 daN)
  • Current designs accommodate up to seven (7) sheaves
  • Custom beckets to mate with many top drive models
  • Custom designs are also available to suit your drilling-operation needs
  • Manufactured in North America