Mouse Hole

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The SMART Mousehole System is designed to eliminate the manual lifting and setting of slips while also providing tubular rotation.

ALCO SMART Mousehole System

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Features / Benefits

  • Hydraulic ‘hands free’ operation allows for rig crew to be out of the floor ‘danger zone’
  • Reduced crew fatigue when making-up or breaking-out stands
  • No need for die changes to accommodate differing tubular sizes
  • Vertical die movement compensation to reduce tubular wear
  • Compact unit can be easily installed under the rig floor
  • Unit is completely covered when not in use


  • Manufactured to API Spec 7K PSL 1 SR2 (-40)
  • Vertical Load Rating: 25,000 lbs (11,120 daN)
  • Tubular Range: 4” – 9 ½” (101 mm – 241 mm)
  • Maximum Speed: 18 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 2,000 ft-lbs (2,711 N-m)
  • Hydraulic Requirements
    • Volume: 6.5 gpm (24 litre / minute)
    • Pressure: 2,800 psi (19,305 kPa)