LP Power Slips

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The ALCO Low Profile Power Slips is considered to be one of the great innovations in power slips technology. Through years of experience and testing, many improvements have been made which make the ALCO Low Profile Power Slips the leader for a safe, economical, and trouble-free handling of tubular goods. Heat treated alloy steel is used throughout for the greatest possible strength and the longest wearing life with a minimum of height and weight. Hydraulic Cylinders and Foot Valves are mist lubricated through the airstream. All ALCO Low Profile Power Slips are equipped with a manually operated safety latch which may be used to positively lock the slips in their set position. Because of the low operating pressure the slips cannot release from the tubing until it has been raised by the elevators, thus guarding against a lost string in the event that the Foot Valve is tripped accidentally. Through research and field testing our engineers are constantly on the lookout for additional improvements which will assure the personnel in the field of receiving the safest and most maintenance free equipment that is available.

ALCO Supplied Low Profile Power Slips

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Operational Advantages
• Safe operation with hydraulic actuation of slip segments
• Efficient conversion for various tubular sizes
• Removable front gate to allow removal from rotary table
with pipe-in-the-hole
• Easily replaceable shear pins in case of excessive side

• Manufacture: API Spec 7K
• Load Rating: 350-Ton (311,360 daN)
• Tubular Sizes: 2 3/8’’ – 13 3/8’’  (60.3 mm – 340 mm)
• Weight: 1,000 lbs (455 kg)
• Dimensions: As shown

Hydraulic Supply
• Volume: 5 US gpm (19 lpm)
• Pressure: 1000 psi (6.9 MPa)